“Our bond based on friendship, honesty and respect for our suppliers, customers and partners is the basis of our work. We bet on high quality, without compromises”.


Ice cream artisans since 1979

Gelateria Enrico was established in Pizzo Calabro from the passion for ice-cream of master ice-cream maker Enrico.

It was in 1979 when Enrico – after acquiring extensive experience working for important ice-cream parlours in Italy – chose to write his own personal story by creating, together with his wife Concetta, an ice-cream parlour bearing his name.

Wanting to offer his customers not only sweet specialities, but a real experience in flavours in a cosy and welcoming place, Enrico chose the town of Marinella di Pizzo for his ice-cream parlour, an area far from the historical centre, deemed a suburb for most and a risk for many, but the perfect place where to unleash the creativity of a daredevil like Enrico.

This was the beginning of a story of passion and dedication, a family story, which in just a few years led Gelateria Enrico to become a point of reference not only for the people of Calabria, but also for many tourists in search of excellent typical products.

At first, production was limited to ice creams and desserts for the ice cream parlour (with an available assortment of over 40 flavours), but soon the product reached the caterers in town enthusiastic about the products and ready to buy homemade ice cream specialities to replace industrial ice cream.

The soul of Gelateria Enrico is the famous Tartufo di Pizzo®. Not just an ice cream, but a ‘hard yet soft’ spherical, imperfect ice cream served on a plate. Half hazelnut, half chocolate ice cream with a soft dark chocolate core inside, enveloped in cocoa powder and thus with the look of a black truffle. A product that Enrico, over the years, has reinvented with new flavour combinations to offer a wide choice of hard yet desserts, all sharing the uniqueness of its original recipe that allows the flavours to embrace without merging, keeping their own distinct character.

Today the ice-cream parlour – led by Enrico’s children Maria Francesca, Rossana and Domenico F. – is a company known and appreciated all over the world, the first in Italy to distribute the famous Tartufo di Pizzo® in the HO.RE.CA. channel, with organised distribution on a national and international scale.