Quality, Creativity and Research:

the ingredients of a great success story

The selection of the best raw materials is the fundamental rule at Gelateria Enrico. The individual ingredients are carefully chosen to offer good products every day, not only in terms of flavour but also in terms of nutrition.

Careful attention to quality applies also to the selection of trusted and passionate farmers and partners – often from the Calabrian region – from which Gelateria Enrico buys fresh whole milk, fresh cream, fresh eggs from free-range hens, sugar and fruit.

The search for excellence never stops: we are constantly working on recipes, expanding the range of gluten-free products and creating a selection of ice-cream flavours made with rice or soya milk (over 75% of Gelateria Enrico products are now suitable for coeliacs). But the real secret of goodness

of all the artisan specialities produced at the company is passion, which drives the creation of harmonious, balanced and tasty recipes, without losing sight of tradition. When you buy a Gelateria Enrico product, you are choosing a family history made of genuineness and quality, flavour and nature.

Despite the enormous success we have achieved and a production potential of 4,000 pieces per day, we still produce the ice creams by hand.
Every single speciality is shaped by hand with the same love as always, because the ingredients of our success never change.”

Domenico F.


Among the awards received by Gelateria Enrico:

Winner of the National Award “Qualità e Tradizione” for Tartuto di Pizzo

Winner of the National Award “Qualità e Tradizione” for Nocciola Imbottita

Finalist at the Italian Ice Cream Championship; ranked 3rd at the National level.

Certificate of Recognition by the Associazione Cuochi Calabresi.